Kate Fitzroy

Kate Fitzroy

escape with a book

      Kate Fitzroy has two lives. One in a flinty Victorian cottage in Newmarket, where she awakes to the clatter of horses' hooves as strings of racehorses pass early each morning. Kate's other life is played out in a Napoleonic manor set in a sleepy village amongst the vineyards of the Loire valley.

      Her life has not always been so blissful. Widowed at the age of twenty-one, already with two children to love and protect, she fought her way up as hard a path as any of her heroines. Now happily married and surrounded by a large, loving family, Kate enjoys every moment of every day...

Carpe diem... tempus fugit! Se non ora quando?

     Whenever I have time... and sometimes when I haven't... I talk with new writers and would-be writers. My experience in self-publishing is a subject that I have often been asked to speak about in the last two or three years. This is a straightforward matter and easily explained but I have come to realise that it would be better to simply say loud and clear,

"First,  complete your manuscript!"

     This may seem obvious in a chicken and egg way but somewhere, somehow, the mechanics of getting a book onto a shelf, virtual or not, seem to occupy wannabe writers' minds.  

     Now, I give talks on creative writing and gently suggest that publishing, traditional or indie, can be discussed on completion. If anyone reading this has turned on their computer to read rather than stare at a blank page or screen... in the way that once a blocked writer would sharpen every pencil on their desk... then email and ask me a question. I am arrogant enough to declare that I am the self-appointed dynarod of blocked writers. Ask me... ask me and I will help you... any time, well... almost any time. If I am nearing the denouement of one of my own books, then  I may not reply for a while. 

 ^Play the intriguing  music that accompanies the Audible version of all the Wine Dark Mysteries... so far.