"words are the voice of the heart"


"... before she could end her sentence, Marc had stood up and was leaning over her, kissing her.

She reached up and put her arms around his neck as their lips met. The kiss was brief but passionate and for a second the world was lost to them. The next moment they realised that a ripple of applause was passing round the restaurant and shouts of ‘Bravo, encore!’  filled the air.  Marc kissed her once more, very lightly on her forehead and then gave a small bow to the amused diners.

‘Merci, tout le monde, continuez a manger, maintenant! Bon appétit!’ There was general laughter as Marc sat back in his seat."


     Michelle and Kelly work together in their own interior design studio in Chelsea… happy and successful. Why... why do their lives turn upside down? Should they cling to the security of the good life they know in London or risk adventure in the wilds of Provence? How to choose between the men now surrounding them… the towering handsome Dane from Chateau Gilbert, the suave French private detective from nearby Aix en Provence, the enthusiastic film scout from LA or the sophisticated Parisian art expert... all ridiculously romantic? At the foot of the beautiful Mont Ste Victoire, surrounded by vineyards, history and intrigue they both seek a new life path, but threatened by financial ruin and mortal danger… can it possibly lead to a fairy-tale ending?


      "...But now, what about yourself?’

     ‘Me... oh, not much to tell really. My Mum’s a single Mum, brought me up all on her own... neither of us minded much about that... on the whole we had a great time. Not much spare cash around but always plenty of fun. She worked so hard to give me everything... I had it all... ballet, riding, tennis, piano... and she was very good at doing museums and art galleries and stuff. I had a lovely childhood. I enjoyed school and managed to get to uni...well, you know that... and, now, here I am in my very first job and feeling very fortunate.’

     ‘Goodness, what it is to be so young that your life can be encapsulated in one paragraph! Even so, it could make a film ... that’s the wonder of cinema. Anyway, what about romance, you’re an exceptionally beautiful young woman so there must be a man hanging around?’

     Alice found herself blushing under Grace’s amused glance."


     Kate Fitzroy leads us back to Provence with another spell-binding, genre-breaking novel - PROVENCE STARLIGHT - is it a romantic thriller or a thrilling romance?
Alice's new dream job as a ghost-writer for a film star, takes her out of her humdrum suburban life into the wonderland of Provence - in the hills behind the glitz and glamour of Cannes, in a modernistic villa over-looking the shimmering Côte d'Azur. New work, new friends... new love found under the starlight in a silvery, olive grove. Can anything be more perfect?
     How does a St. Tropez bikini, two silky Wiemeraner dogs and a tattooed criminal enter the scene and change everything? Why does the starry path of love always meet a crossroad... can it never run sweetly smooth?

"Doubt thou the stars are fire,

Doubt that the sun doth move.

Doubt truth to be a liar,

But never doubt I love."

William Shakespeare  Hamlet, Act II Scene II

     "The early morning sun was filtering through the shutters and the ceiling was rippled with the reflections of the sea. She had grown to love the faded elegance of the room in the last few days. The wide view of the sea stretching to a hazy horizon brought a sense of calm. The top of two tall palm trees, were just level with the balcony and Amber stood for a last moment to watch the small birds that flitted busily from one fronded branch to the next."

          Provence Flame is a genre-buster novel - a thriller-romance. The plot weaves at a fast pace as Kate Fitzroy transports us once again to the blue skies and glorious landscape of Provence.

Amber enjoys a perfectly good life... sharing a flat in Bloomsbury with her friend, Kim, and working as a talented art restorer in a nearby museum. Engaged to be married to a handsome Scot... how can it be that she finds herself immersed in the hot and passionate life amongst the lavender fields of Provence?
     Once you enter Kate’s hot and magic world it is hard to leave… be prepared to read Provence Flame in one sitting… or, better still… lying on a sun-lounger, under a pink parasol beside a turquoise blue pool. Escape into Kate Fitzroy’s world. 

     You are cordially invited, as a reader-guest, to a roof-top, candlelit dinner party over-looking the lavender fields. Other guests will include Calinda and Daniel (PERFUME OF LOVE), Kelly and Leon (PROVENCE LOVE LEGACY),  Alex and Zoe (DREAMS OF TUSCANY)… and meet new friends, Amber and Luc.

“As soon go kindle fire with snow,

As seek to quench the fire of love with words.”

William Shakespeare    Two Gentleman of Verona,  Act II,  Scene VII

     "She sighed again. It was the resigned sigh of a beautiful woman accustomed to rebuffing unwanted advances. She half turned toward the voice, shooting a disdainful glance as sharp as a dagger through the silky curtain of her hair.

     'Doubtless.' She snapped the word out as rudely as one word could possibly sound and hastily returned to her magazine. The pages now blurred in front of her. He was divine, completely divine... perfect manhood in the flesh... well in a dark grey T-shirt and black jeans... and oh, the flesh, lightly tanned olive and glistening smooth. He could have been a celeb that had walked straight out of her magazine."


     Leaving her cheating ex-boyfriend behind, Rosie Fielding heads away from her hectic working life in the London fashion world to spend a blissful – and man-free - weekend basking in the Cote d’Azur sunshine. Surely the Mediterranean sea breeze will blow away memories of the disastrous anniversary dinner-that-never-was??

During a chance visit to a nearby perfumery, Rosie meets the owner, Jean-Michel de Fleurenne, whose distillery and crumbling chateau are desperately in need of her PR expertise. Everyone knows you should never mix business with pleasure… but in the heat of Provence the rules seem to melt away. The soft perfume of the lavender fields and the rich citrus aromas of the fruit trees are blissfully intoxicating and soon, maybe all too soon, Rosie is falling madly in love with a certain impossibly handsome French perfumier and his aristocratic life at Chateau de Fleurenne.

But if French is the language of love then why doesn't the path of true love run smoothly for Rosie?

NB, This title is only available as an ebook

     '‘Do you think we will be able to think of something to do?’ Charlie laughed.
     ‘You know, we could do nothing, just relax.’
     ‘You might be able to do nothing, but I know, I couldn’t… especially when the moonlight shines on your hair, turning it to liquid gold… and your little white nightie is just slipping off your shoulder… but you’re right. We could try talking. You haven’t told me about your trip yet.’

      Charlie lay back in bed, holding her hand in his."


     Clever Doctor Lily Fairfax is the youngest don at Cambridge... beautiful, too. But does she understand the meaning of love? Leaving her sheltered academic life for a long summer in Tuscany, she finds passion... but is this love or lust? Can it endure? Can she give up everything she has worked for and achieved for a new and different life? Intelligent enough to analyse her own psyche, she still struggles to find the reality that her inner soul is searching for... the complete happiness that only true love can give?

"And yes, this time as he held her hand in his she felt a jolt of something that could only be desire. Her knees weakened in a ridiculous way as she stood in front of him, so close and under his dark brown-eyed gaze. Marc held her hand for a long moment and then gently let it go and brushed his hair back from his forehead. Was he nervous... had he felt the same rush of heat? This French hand-shaking stuff was dangerous."


     There are three men in love with Daisy Gardener... not so much a love triangle, more an intriguing confusion.
Leaving her respectable research work at Kew Gardens and a comfortable Surrey life style, Daisy heads off for a new adventure in Provence. But everything there in the wild garden she is redesigning is not all lovely. Le Bois Rossignol, a dark looming forest where nightingales sing hides the final solution.

     "I felt my head swim again, badly this time and the bright sunlit room revolved around me. But I could not allow myself to faint like some weak romantic heroine in one of my books. This was reality and reality could be dangerous. I took a deep breath and straightened my shoulders,"


     Juliet Arden has won a debut writer's award and, funded by her prize money and an Aunt's legacy, she flies off with her sister, Samantha, for a holiday on an Italian Lake. At first, nervously suffering writer's block, she is soon back in full flow, only occasionally interrupted by her sister's blossoming romance with a local Italian. That, and thoughts of the man she met at the award presentation... the second prize winner but strangely first in her mind.

"Zoe walked ahead of him up the crumbling stone steps and and onto a wide terrace. She turned back to him and found his eyes riveted to a close inspection of her Armani jeans. He looked up quickly, and they looked at each other eye to eye for a brief second. She was standing two steps above him and matched his height exactly. Zoe felt her cheeks begin to flush as she turned away and carried on walking across the terrace to the front door."


     The Tuscan sun burns down from an azure sky on the day that Zoe Bennett, a young English estate agent, shows Alex Knight around a beautiful but derelict villa. Alex, an architect from Bath is keen and ready to take on the restoration. But Zoe is keen and ready for love, and whilst attracted to the mysterious Alex, she is being ardently pursued by the rich and glamorous, Massimo Mendozzi, a Roman environmental lawyer.

     The torrid summer weather is as hot as the passion surrounding Zoe… but storm clouds are gathering on the horizon and this is Italy… land of intrigue and conspiracy. Why does the path of true love never run smooth?

NB. This title is only available as an ebook.

 "...it’s blowing a blizzard out there and anyway, Noël will probably turn up here before I get back. I’ll only be half an hour at the most.’

     Jack began to zip up his anorak and pull on his gloves. ‘Don’t worry, Sis, Noël definitely knows what he’s doing on a mountain.’


     Jemima can't stand the angry heat of the kitchen in her award-winning restaurant in Shoreditch. She needs to get out! Jemina escapes to new work, hoping to find peace in the snow-clad mountains of Haute Provence. Tackling a new culinary challenge but beset with the danger of a conspiracy in the ski resort, can she also find the warmth of romantic love in the cold climate?
     Kate Fitzroy has clipped on her skis for this snowy romantic adventure... the temperature is sub-zero but the action is burning hot. Fitzroy fans will be pleased to find a chance to catch up with Jason and other good friends at several candlelit dinners.... and then there's a Christmas party.! What's not to enjoy.? The snow is powder perfect!

     "Had I thought he would chase me past Signora Brindisi and up to my room, throw me on the bed for a night of passion? And wasn't that what I had expected and wanted? Una botta e via? My knowledge of Italian slang was quite up to translating that into a one-night stand or more literally a bang and go. But serious? Really serious and lunch with his family? Wasn't that fast work in another direction? Was I serious?


“The more I know of the world,

 the more I am convinced that I shall never see a man whom I can really love.

 I require so much!”

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen  1811

     Verity is about to marry... the marquee is on the lawn and everything is arranged down to the last napkin... but suddenly she runs away... leaving her mother almost as distraught as her fiancé. She leaves her comfortable life in Newmarket to find excitement in Macerata, a small city in central Italy. Soon, there are three men in with love her and the earth moves on its axis... all is confusion until she finds herself in Venice ... and it's Christmas.


... and one final quote... the words of Groucho Marx,

"I find television very educating. Every time somebody turns on the set, I go into the other room and read a book.”