The beginning of a new series of genre-busting crime thrilling romances

Travel with Allie, a confident young woman who risks leaving her secure job at a prestigious London auction house to work with a Mayfair art dealer, Henry, the man she calls a pretty Etonian . Henry, or Enrico as his demanding mother, the Contessa di Palliano calls him, has recently taken on the work of sourcing particular antiques for exclusive customers. Danger awaits. 



     Should I leave my secure job at a prestigious auction house in London for what my brother called dodgy business on the Riviera? Could I resist from falling in love with the pretty Etonian who had just taken over the business in Mayfair... and then there was his mother, the domineering Contessa di Galliano... and finally there was the most wonderful dog called Rosso to travel with us. How could I not?

"Its been quite a day. I'm very sorry I put you in danger, but I did ask you to stay in the car.'

'I've never been very good at doing what I'm told.' I said, feeling slightly cross now. 'Anyway, Rosso was in more danger than me.'

At the sound of his name, Rosso shuffled around under the table and gave a low grunt of agreement. I carried on with the safe canine theme..."

“Imagination rules the world.” 

Napoleon Bonaparte